BPM reviews Wor.13

SUCCULENT – Natural Progression EP (Worship) Succulent is the joint effort of LA’s own Nectar and Sean Kamano Their addition to Worship seems right on track with the label’s direction This Natural Progression EP finds itself in a world of … Read More »

House of Paine – City Paper

House of Paine The Worship Recordings DJ has always had chocolate in his peanut butter. by Sean O’Neal It’s another rasta-flavored Friday night in Filo’s intimate and dimly lit basement. The cozy joint is jam-packed with Jamaican-music lovers who dance … Read More »

Rob Paine WOR.CD.01

Courtesy of Artist Direct: While virtually all electronic music gives a nod toward the Jamaican dub producers of the ’70s, these connections are usually in the realm of method, not result. However, Rob Paine‘s Worship Recordings brings the dub to … Read More »

AudioGlyphics reviews WOR.CD.01

As a dj ROB PAINE is simply AMAZING. as producer he’s absolutely stellar. The two skills come together in the long awaited Worship Recordings mix CD Wor.CD.01. Mixed by Rob Paine (Worship Recordings) The Worship sound defines itself. It’s a … Read More »

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