· By Worship Recordings

AudioGlyphics reviews WOR.CD.01

As a dj ROB PAINE is simply AMAZING. as producer he's absolutely stellar. The two skills come together in the long awaited Worship Recordings mix CD Wor.CD.01. Mixed by Rob Paine (Worship Recordings) The Worship sound defines itself. It's a unique blend of house, reggae and dub styles that's rare enough to make you take notice, yet familiar enough with which to identify, On the surface it's a groove that makes you move, and somehow the attraction is enough to draw you into that something extra. For those used to listening to pop culture tunes, this disc takes a little getting used to, but it's well worth the effort. After 15 years of covering music from over a dozen different genres, I could honestly say I'd never heard anything quite like the Worship mix tape. It's a gourmet sound from Philly's underground, The Worship label is way ahead of the music curve. It's down right addictive.

K-C Bajai