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#DubMonday - Augustus Pablo - Jah Say Dub

Best known for introducing the use of the melodica into Reggae Music, Horace Swaby, AKA Augustus Pablo, produced an incredible amount of instrumental reggae anddubfrom the mid-seventies through the nineties. Swaby seemed destined to bring these sounds to us. One day in 1971, while buying records for his brothers' 'Rockers' sound system at Aquarius Record Shop, he was toying around with a borrowed melodica and caught the ear of the shop owner, Herman Chin Loy. A few days later, under the moniker 'Augustus Pablo', given to him by Chin Loy, his recording career had begun. He'd go on to form the labels "Hot Stuff', 'Message', and 'Rockers', on which a large percentage of his works would release. This is a track from the album 'Rockers Meets King Tubbys in a Fire House'. Mixed by King Tubby, Prince Jammy and Augustus Pablo. Produced and arranged by Augustus Pablo. Shanachie 1980