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#DubMonday - Ancient Astronauts - All of the Things You Do (Forces Of Nature Dub)

#DubMonday #WorshipRecordings This #DubMonday has us spending some time with the Cologne, Germany production duo of Kabanjak & Dogu, better known as Ancient Astronauts. As we open up and allow the forces of nature dub to take over, we're abound in a familiarity with the concord of the melodica and bass, bringing to mind Ken Booth's 'When I Fall In Love'. With the fully panned hi-hat rhythm, shaker and reverb / echo trails, there's this interestingly aqueous confluence between the left and right channels that we can't get enough of. Have a listen, and, this being the last Dub Monday of the year, we bid you have not only a wonderful week, but a joyous and love filled new year as well. Vocal from Tippa Irie. Written and Composed by Anthony Henry. Mixed and Produced by Ancient Astronauts. Eighteenth Street Lounge Music 2009