· By Worship Recordings

#DubMonday - Disciples - Abbara, Liberation, Kabbad, Tanassa

#_DubMonday ۻ#_WorshipRecordings For this weeks dose of Monday Dub, we take a peek at the new offering from Khaliphonic, ZamZam Sounds long-format sister label. Following up their mystical debut release with these four sweltering grooves from The Disciples, we can only imagine what to expect from future pressings. The tracks : Abbara, Liberation, Kabbad & Tanassa, were produced in 1999 by Russ Disciple, but have remained unreleased until now, allowing them ample time to fully cure. Of these four cuts, the eerily deep and heavily filtered "Tanassa 3" might be our favorite, although each one of these tracks weaves such an intriguingly torrid tale, we're finding it real hard to play favorites. Two mixes of each track on this very limited, vinyl only, 2 x 12" release. Slated to ship out in the next week or so, best to get your order in ASAP. Written and produced by Russ Disciple. Khaliphonic 2015