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#DubMonday - Sly & The Revolutionaries w/ Jah Thomas - Herb

#DubMonday #WorshipRecordings
Greetings all. This #DubMonday has us mesmerized by a dub of one of the baddest rythym to ever produce in Jamaica ... I'm just a Man / M16. Originally the instrumental version for The Uniques 'Secretly', produced by Lloyd 'Matador' Daly in 1968, this minimal drum and bass marvel has played host to scores of recensions through the years, one of the standouts being this take from Jah Thomas. Reverb soaked crash cymbals and snare hits concert with the incessant bass line and snippets of flexitone creating an undeniable auditory experience. Recorded at Channel One. Mixed by Prince Jammy & Scientist. Written and Produced by Nkrumah 'Jah' Thomas. Trojan Records 1980