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Ho's & Bro's Official Video

HO'S & BRO'S - Rob Paine & Charles Lazarus ft Lady Alma (Worship Recordings) Official HD Video

filmed by morgan betz and jordan hayman
edited by shawn vela

Worship Recordings - Philadelphia, Pa
Ho's & Bro's EP - WOR034
Release Date: 1/23/2012

All genres of music have staple subjects and without question club music focuses on the party vibe. In this instance, Rob Paine & Charles Lazarus join forces with the undeniable voice and personality of Lady Alma from Philadelphia, a collaboration effort of their rendition of the quintessential party tune. People across the world have different ways in expressing their festive energy, but at the end of the night, it all comes down to fun and excitement and this track has plenty to serve up in that regard.

"Ho's & Bro's" is a tight minimal groove that attacks the soundsystem and is at once edgy and soulful. Showcasing the production style and experience that Rob Paine has come to represent along with the added DJ and band format perspective of Charles Lazarus. In our opinion it's the tracks that can take a DJ set from one place to another, or bring that grit you didn't expect that is memorable the next day. We're confident you'll find a place for this energy on your dancefloor.

We all enjoy music in unique ways however and nothing explores that more than the aspect of variety, hence the remixes. Its an absolute pleasure to go deep, bouncy, dubbed out and smooth thanks to the efforts of Willyum & Jesse Merlin,June Lopez, Roberto Viccaro, Dj Dennis, and Nutritious & Bains. For whatever mood your dancefloor requires, we've got you covered. Take your time and listen to all we've compiled, it's a massive combined musical effort to make you smile.

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