· By Robert Paine

New Release: Rich Medina & Rob Paine & Heights - Philadelphia

Worship Recordings represents its hometown with ‘Philadelphia’, a deep house love-note dedicated to the city by Rich Medina, Rob Paine and Heights, with an uptempo remix by Demarkus Lewis.

Originally issued on a compilation album in 2016, ‘Philadelphia’ is a low-slung, dubbed out slice of deep, techy house, over which native-son-done-good Rich Medina waxes lyrical about the town that made him. Both the OG mix and instrumental ‘Version’ have been re-mastered and freshened up by Jay-J Hernandez (Shifted Music) for this new showcase release of a truly slept-on cut.

Celebrating the span of Philadelphia’s music and history while pointing out aspects of life in the blue-collar city that’s produced so much talent over the decades, Rich Medina offers a roadmap for survival in Philly. “Tradition is king, and consistency the queen” intones Rich, “and you should spend as little time as possible with people who do not dream.”

Texas-based House hero Demarkus Lewis lays down a skippy, swung groove and gritty chords for his remix of ‘Philadelphia’, perfectly reflecting both the beauty and grime of the city, while placing Medina’s poetic spoken words at the centre of the action.

“Rich Medina has been someone I’ve respected and admired since we first met in the mid 90s. I heard him opening for Gil Scott-Heron at a small little record shop here in the city, and was blown away by his poetry. Ten years later, he finally came to the studio when I was working on a track with Heights, and I asked him to write something about Philly: the grit and the grime, the real deal. There’s so much mutual admiration and love there- Rich is one of my favourite people on this planet.” - Rob Paine.

"That Philly sound has always held a special place in my heart, so when I got the call to remix Rich Medina, best believe I wanted to stay true to that vibe that is deep Philly. I've been a fan for a long time of my Worship fam, and of Rich.” - Demarkus Lewis.

'Philadelphia' is out on November 11th 2022.

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