· By Worship Recordings

Podcast 15-John Tordini


#WorshipRecordingsPodcast 15 - Mixed by John Tordini

The newest addition to the Worship Recordings family delivers this fine piece of audio stimulation to kick off the month of April. We are very happy to have John Tordini on board. His love for this music shines through in everything he does. Whether it is DJ'ing, label marketing, writing or just helping out in any way he can with Worship & the Philly scene in general, John has a pure heart and does everything with love. Mark our words, he is definitely someone to watch out for in 2015! Included on this podcast are tracks from labels such asMobilee Records,Kompakt Records,Little Helpers,Echocord Recordsand of course Worship Recordings, featuringCircle's 'Deep Breath (Original Daggering Mix)'

Track List:

Patrice Baumel- The Woods (Original Mix)- EX
Circle- Deep Breath ( Original Daggering Mix)- Worship Recordings
Igor Vicente- Mystericordia (Original Mix)- Mobilee Recordings
Saschienne- Don't Put Your Fingers In The Socket (Original Mix)- Kompakt
Philo, Matthias B- Little Helper 162-4 (Original Mix)- Little Helpers
Pablo German- Midnight (Original Mix)- Balkan Connection
Fluxion- You Don't Know (Joey Anderson Remix)- Echocord
Xanaim, Oxigen- Parashut (Original Mix)- Shehnai Records
Luminer- Dub the Body (Original Mix)- Hypnotic Room
Eduardo De La Calle- Chaitanya (Original Mix)- Anemone Recordings
Drift- Copycat (Derek Marin Remix)- Thema
Mind Against, Locked Groove- Elysium (Original Mix)- Hotflush Recordings