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Shakedown Tonight Friday Feb 11th + WMC Events + Audio from Last Month Shakedown & More!


   We hope everyone is settling into the new year nice & easy. We sincerely want to thank everyone who made it to the 100th Shakedown blow out last month. All 3 floors were rocking. Every DJ brought their A+ game. And everyone of you brought some amazing energy that has carried right up until tonight's 'Local's Only' Edition of the Shakedown. So let's keep the positive energy flowing right up until the end of the weekend with PEX Heartburn on Saturday and of course the Sundae party to cap it all off. No sleep for the wicked!!!


   If you are not already a member of the Shakedown group on Facebook please join now to download the audio from the first floor of the 100th Shakedown last month...



   Here is a quick list of up coming events happening. Below is the flyers and full info on all events. 


- Fri. Feb. 11th 'Locals Only' Shakedown w/ Carl Michaels, Jamie Johnson & residents Rob Paine & Willyum

- Fri. Feb. 11th Livity w/ Solomonic Sound @ Kraftwork

- Sat. Feb. 19th Rob Paine w/ Solomonic Sound @ Patty Boom Boom in DC

- Wed. Mar. 2nd SESSION @ Silk City w/ Solomonic, Ital & Rascul Int'l

- Thur. Mar. 3rd Red Bull 45's w/ Rich Medina, Kenny Dope, Diamond D, Rob Paine, dj Shakey, Blenda and Chang in Tampa, FL

- Sat. Mar. 5th WMC Warm up Shakedown w/ Kevin Yost & residents Rob Paine & Willyum

WMC Events - More to follow!

- Sat. Mar. 12th Jump N' Funk - Spread Love - Aquabooty @ the Shore Club, Miami Beach

- Sun. Mar. 13th AMBASSADOR's WMC 2011 presented by House Society & Worship Recordings