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Solomonic Sound presents... A Selector's Choice Vol. IV 'Gravity Mixtape'


Solomonic Sound, Rootz Underground & Worship Recordings present...

A Selector's Choice Volume IV Gravity Mixtape'

Produced & Mixed by Rob Paine of Solomonic Sound System

Release date : March 23rd, 2016

All tracks exclusive dub plates or original productions by Solomonic Sound.

This mix focuses on a night out in Kingston, Jamaica exploring all the different genres that reggae music has birthed. Starting uptown at a house music dance, to the ghettos of Kingston for the futuristic raw dubstep & hip hop. Then to the historical Skateland for some vintage digital reggae. Moving back to foundation reggae and then eventually ska... its origins. This musical experience provokes a perfect night out for any reggae/dub enthusiast. It is a chronological journey through the fruition of reggae music from present time back to the 1960's.

A personal note from Rootz Underground lead singer Stevie Lightening...

'A Selector's Choice Vol: 4 - The Gravity Mixtape' is a representation of the oneness of JAH underground music. This mixtape will take you on a soulful time-transcending journey through the music scape of the underground from the perspective of the capital city of Jamaica; Kingston. The mix begins by arrival to 'The Rock' and a journey on a Friday night through the music scene in the city traveling from House Parties to Dance Parties to Street Parties. Music is Everliving I!

It is a blend of several of our great artistic minds of the time and how they express and interpret what is going on through this power house of a medium known as Reggae Music!

From the mind of one of the most innovative DJs in present times, combined with years of blood sweat and tears have made the collaboration between Solomonic Sound & Rootz Underground an absolute MUST on your playlist. Do not forget the secret code for survival is built into the rhythms, melodies and lyrics!