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Philadelphia Compilation no.1 is now available in all stores!

By Worship Recordings

Philadelphia Compilation no.1 is now available in all stores!

Catalog # : Wor.045

Artists : Various Philadelphia Producers

Title : Philadelphia Compilation no.1

Release Date : October 25th, 2016

This is Philly house music. Every artist on this compilation represents Philadelphia. Their love & passion for the music can be felt through each one of these songs. You can hear the vibrations that our producers & DJ۪s resonate on this 40th parallel. Whether it۪s techno influenced like Forward۪, Morpheus۪, My Heart۪ & Knew Life۪ or more on the house side like Philadelphia۪, Deepest Feelings۪ or Most High۪, they are all deep and dubbed out in their own ways. Representing Philadelphia۪s underground_


Till Von Sein (Suol, Dirt Crew Recs) My faves are My Heart and the original of Philadelphia۝

Matt Tolfrey (Leftroom Recs) Circle and Chris Udoh doing for me right here!!!۝

Alexi Delano (Plus 8, M-nus, Drumcode) Love this release brother. Will play them 100%.۝

Eli Goldstein (Soul Clap) Excellent release. Especially Philadelphia۪ and the return of Pete Moss!۝

Doc Martin (Sublevel, LA) Sounds great downloading now!!!Great to see some of the philly OG۪S on here!!۝

Jost Gerischer (Jon Silva, The Mulder, Soda Inc., Lexicon, El Presidente) What a lovely compilation! Just skipped through all the tracks and did not find one I didn۪t like. Support! :)۝

Someone Else (Little Helpers, FoundSound) Really solid EP. And very representative of my hometown. Hearing this makes me honored to be from Philly, and honored to know these guys. All tracks are solid. My favorite is definitely track 1.۝

Kevin Yost (I Recordings) Real nice release. I really dig it.۝

Trus۪me (Prime Numbers) Wow these sound great! Really good bro good job.۝

Nickodemus (WONDERWHEEL Recordings / TOTH) Real nice & deep underground sounds on the comp!۝

Rob Salmon (Yoshitoshi Recs) All quality..digging this comp! esp Morpheus۝ Supporting!۝

Steve Mill (Traxsource) I love this release, I particularly love the Pete Moss track.۝

FUNTOM (Dubwise, Giant, Alphahouse Both Philadelphia۪ tracks are amazing as is the Circle one, Okeef took it to another level with his rolling deepness, other tracks are nice too but mentioned ones stand out for me.۝

Tyler Stadius (Fabric Recs) Good tunes. Loving the Sean Thomas Knew Life especially.۝

Eavesdrop Radio WKDU Phila. Great release. Rocked Chris۪ track last night on the show۝

Mystic Vybes WHCR 90.3 FM NY LOVE the vybes__. 9/10.۝

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#WorshipWednesday- Succulent- Ital Progression (Original Mix)

By Worship Recordings

#WorshipWednesday- Succulent- Ital Progression (Original Mix) Worship Recordings۪ beginning chapters deal heavily in a sound that is the culmination of House and Dub. Many artists during this part of the label۪s history had perfected this fusion, but had done so in their own unique style. One production duo that balanced this formula quite nicely is Succulent. The two men behind the name are Adam Tenenbaum and Sean Kamano. Succulent۪s 'Natural Progression' EP (WOR 013) exemplified the magic that could be conjured when combing the beautiful worlds of House and Dub. In early 2002 the release would find itself being reviewed in the esteemed west coast electronic music magazine, BPM. The magazine commended the duo for being perfectly in tune with the label۪s vision at the time. This Worship Wednesday we give a nod to Ital Progression۝, which is one of four tracks that were released as part of the Natural Progression release. The EP۪s title certainly speaks to the rich, unrefined flow of music that is contained in this track. Recently Tenebaum aka Nectar was involved with Seattle based music production company, Inneflight Music. It appears that Adam۪s initial involvement with music stems from being an advent guitarist and vocalist. According to his artist bio on the site, Succulent was a project that was used as a format for Adam to produce with friends. This project would see a release on Grayhound Recordings in 2001 and 2003 Adam and Sean۪s "Mercurial Dreams" (Grayhound Recordings) track was selected for Lee Burridge۪s 24:7 mix compilation. Reading further into the biography on Innerflight, we learned that Tenabaum became touched by electronic music through Dj Garth۪s Wicked parties and mixes from DJ Dan. On solo production missions as Nectar, releases appeared on Grayhound Recordings and a 2000 release on Worship with the Moj Aniol EP. We are definitely pleased with this piece of Worship history and look forward to possible future projects from both Adam and Sean.

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