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  • City Paper feature for MIDNITE show

    · By Worship Recordings

    Joy & Paine DJ Rob Paine on 15 years of making reggae in the house of Worship. by A.D. Amorosi Published: Jul 18, 2007 TOASTED: Rob Paine (left) and El Feco B team up on the new Solomonic Sound System presents El Feco B and Family. photo : starkey/ Jah loves Rob Paine. The Philadelphia DJ/Solomonic Sound system operator/music maker/label owner has been creating dub-house and nu-reggae for almost 15 years, with residencies in the tri-state area, Washington, D.C., and even Honolulu. Paine and company's sound is a thick yet flighty, humidly atmospheric electronic groove, one that enhances...