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Podcast 11- Sean O'neal aka Someone Else

By Worship Recordings

Podcast 11- Sean O'neal aka Someone Else #WorshipRecordingsPodcast 11- Mixed by Sean O'neal aka Someone Else. Before moving to Germany about 10 years ago to reach higher heights with his musical career, Sean Oneal aka Someone Else was working hard in our Philadelphia underground techno & house scene. Whether it was working at the infamous 611 Records, writing for the City Paper, Dj'ing, throwing events, producing or running his labels... Sean has been relentless about spreading his passion and sound to our city, and now it۪s to the world! We would be lying if we said we didn't miss him since he relocated to Europe, but we could not be happier for his continued success overseas- plus he does make it a point to come home a couple times a year. When he does, Sean always spends a couple days inside the Worship Recordings studio with his bredren Rob Paine and performing at either the Shakedown or goodie events. On this podcast you can hear a sample from Sean & Rob's Blazin' (Jay Haze Remix) release that came out on Worship in 2012. Also in the selections are tracks from Dj W!ild, Dompe,Simon Beeston,Martin Waslewski,Demian Muller &Andre Butano to boot. Enjoy the delivery of the tech house master...

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