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  • Epitonic Big Ups Worship

    · By Worship Recordings

    Epitonic Worship Recordings Pick up (or download) a Worship Recordings release and you will be treated to the best in dubbed-out-deep-disco-garage-house. Label boss Rob Paine is also half of Kidz On Christian Street (with Chris Udoh), and half of Solomonic Sound (with Zach Eberz). The label has garnered excellent press across both the U.K. and U.S., and is widely regarded as one of the best house labels to come out of Philadelphia. Now with Rocket (aka DJ Garth and Eric James) on the production team, Worship Recordings is ready to conquer dance floors across the world.

  • icepack by A.D. Amorosi June 1-7 2006

    · By Worship Recordings Solomonic Sound, Philly's holier-than-house 'n' dub night from Worship labelmates DJs Rob Paine and Willyum held court at Filo's Fridays for six years. Boom. Filo's closes. But a little shutdown don't stop the show: Solomonic moved Fridays to Lickety Split and they dropped two divine CDs: their Federation Vs. Solomonic Inna Dubplate Clash Stylee and a new mix CD of pals like Pete Moss, Hollis Monroe and more, WOR.CD.02.

  • The Spin - Philadelphia Inquirer article on BLISS

    · By Worship Recordings

    Never thought to venture to the Avenue of the Arts for anything more than classical music or theater? To that we say: Rob Paine... Bliss... and Tuesdays. "It's real laid back," DJ-producer Paine says of the Avenue, countering misconceptions of an uptight atmosphere. A lounge (there is no dance floor), Bliss maintains its leisurely flow by opening its doors onto Broad Street for an outdoor patio. "The location is great," Paine says. "I've never played in such a central location before." After a hiatus, Paine returned two weeks ago to his Tuesday gig, where he offers "a mishmash" of house...

  • Philadelphia's Worship Recordings

    · By Worship Recordings

    by Dj Dennis Before I even made the big move to the City of Brotherly Love called Philadelphia, I already knew that there were some great people and a plethora of amazing music waiting there for me. What was fantastic is when I found out just how great it is when a small group of producers and DJs are the actual people creating that amazing music, and how welcoming they were when I moved into town. Not only did they give me a chance to come spin some tunes at their long running night in Old City, but they...

  • BrokeN Beat Radio

    · By Worship Recordings

    Switching things up with Worship label owner and reggae archivist, Rob Paine. Rob popped through with a mountain of scratchy 45's and dub plates for a smoke filled 2hour session, and threw down an amazing educational timeline of ska, reggae, dancehall, dub and downtempo. Producing a tracklisting was a daunting task... more info later. Can't get enough of the intro track taken from a Worship studios recording of President Brown. When in Philly do not miss his 4year running Solmonic Soundsystem at Filo's with partner Zacharijah. Always a blessed gathering, with positive vibes and Ras Tafari love in the place!...

  • Time Out NY - August 2002

    · By Worship Recordings

    High praise Rob Paine's Worship Recordings pushes the intoxicating sounds of dub-house to a bottom-heavy peak By Bruce Tanturn House music has long relied on the Jamaica?born art of dub technique for a large part of the genre's appeal; there۪s no better way to enhance the out of body sensation of a truly intense house session than a dose of spliff friendly, echoey effects. Few house imprints employ the stripped down, effects laden ways of dub better than the Philadelphia based Worship Recordings, which recently released WOR.C0.01, a collection of the label's echo heavy music. The tracks were mixed by...