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The Shakedown meets the Jungle Room

By Worship Recordings

The Shakedown meets the Jungle Room
Saturday, April 13th Worship Recs presents... THE SHAKEDOWN meets THE JUNGLE ROOM Downstairs: The Shakedown House with Shakedown resident DJs: Rob Paine & Willyum Upstairs: The Jungle Room Old school jungle and D&B sounds with DJs: Karl K (Koldfront) Art Cuebik Joey Breakdown Armen *B-Day Celebration Set* and Illy Emcee Sound by Solomonic and LEFT RITE / Visuals by TrashTrash 10pm - 2am $10 all night at THE BARBARY - 951 Frankford Avenue, Philly

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The Shakedown : Residents

By Worship Recordings

The Shakedown : Residents
Saturday, February 9th

Worship Recordings Presents...


Residents night with Shakedown selectors Rob Paine & Willyum

Better Listen Records x emby Label Spotlights w/ DJs:

Joe Corti (Better Listen Recs - UK)
Mart_n Miguel (Better Listen Recs - DC)
Maggs Bruchez (Emby - Philly)

Sound by Solomonic

$5 until 11pm / $10 after
The Barbary - 951 Frankford Avenue, Philly

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7 Years of goodie : Ryan Crosson

By Worship Recordings

7 Years of goodie : Ryan Crosson
goodie x Its The Vza pres.
Saturday February 2nd

:: 7 years of goodie ::

- deep electronic sounds by -

Ryan Crosson <Visionquest>
Rob Paine & Francisco Collazo <goodie>

- additional deets -

ۢ Funktion-One (Official) audio by One-Source Productions
ۢ Visual production by D24K Productions.
ۢ Cash bar ft. $4-8 drinks

:: About goodie ::

For the last seven years (and even longer for its founders) the name 'goodie' has been at the base of Philadelphia's house & techno foundation. The brand's core tenants have always remained simple and to the point: "... music, atmosphere, talent and proper sound." Founders and mainstay selectors Rob Paine & Francisco Collazo's focus on building the perfect atmosphere has always been reflected through their attention to detail from track selection to artist bookings, venue location to production value and all of it, for the right reasons.

From the German Keinemusik collective to Philadelphia's freshest on-the-rise talent, John Digweed, The Martinez Brothers and Philly hero Josh Wink's beloved 'Hallowink' events (past guests incl. Richie Hawtin, Seth Troxler and more), goodie has done as much as anyone (if not more) to bring house & techno where it needs to be in the City of Brotherly Love.

:: About Ryan Crosson ::

A Motor City, Berlin, London hybrid, Ryan Crosson is a complex artistic creature. Born and raised on a steady diet of post-apocalyptic landscapes, dark warehouses, and the sounds of Plastikman, Matthew Dear, Magda, and Villalobos, Ryan۪s DJ sets expand the horizon of possibility without sacrificing dance music۪s core element of sweaty, hedonistic fun. His unique musical vocabulary and tireless dedication ensure him a place in the dynasty of forward-thinking techno transplants.

Alongside Lee Curtiss and Shaun Reeves, Ryan is responsible for running Visionquest Records, one of dance music۪s most cherished and eclectic imprints. Ryan and his partners in Visionquest have honed a whole new landscape of lush, organic techno and esoteric left-field electronica.

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The Shakedown : Terrence Parker

By Worship Recordings

The Shakedown : Terrence Parker

Worship Recordings presents...

Saturday Jan. 12th


We are beyond honored and excited to have one of our long-time influences, musical heroes, and one of the godfathers of the Detroit scene grace the Shakedown stage.
This is truly a night not to be missed!

Upstairs: Salvo & Patrick Richards

Sound by Solomonic / Visuals by TRASHTRASH

$10 before 11 / $15 after
The Barbary: 951 Frankford Avenue, Philly

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Wor.50 is celebrated with remixes of 'Children Of Israel' !!!

By Worship Recordings

Wor.50 is celebrated with remixes of 'Children Of Israel' !!!
The story for Worship started 20 years ago in 1998. It just so happens that this, our 50th release on the label, coincides with this noteworthy moment in time. To celebrate our earth strong beginnings, we received the royal treatment from an artist who notes Worship as an influential label early on in his musical career. It went down something like this... Yotam Yo homie Rob, you۪re the guy from Worship Recordings right?۝ Rob "Hey Yotam! It۪s true. Love your work man. Big fan. Fellow ganjaman.۝ Yotam Children Of Israel by Solomonic Sound was my first vinyl. I was like 13 or 14۝ Rob Wow! That۪s awesome man! I want to get some remixes of it. Give me a shout if you are interested. Josh & Matt from Ovum turned me onto your works. I then went a little crazy and bought half your catalog.۝ Yotam Man I would be so honored to remix it. I۪ll do a pack of a few versions.۝ We in return are very honored to have Yotam Avni & Laroz breathe some new life to Worship۪s all-time highest selling release.... Children Of Israel۪
Catalog #:
Solomonic Sound
Yotam Avni, Laroz
Children Of Israel
Release Date:
December 7th, 2018
Traxsource Exclusive Release Date:
November 23rd, 2018
House, Tech House, Dub, Dub Techno 1. Children Of Israel (Yotam Avni Remix) 2. Children Of Israel (Laroz Version) 3. Children Of Dub (Yotam Avni Remix)

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Wor.49 Now available in all stores!

By Worship Recordings

Wor.49 Now available in all stores!
This might be the most leftfield release Worship has put out since those early yearsof releases. Who would have thought that these two unruly producers would havelinked up for a collaboration like this? We did, and we present the musical evidence to prove itright here with their debut release entitled Number One۪. Tanner Ross (Dirtybird,Freerange, !k7, Soul Clap Recordings) and Rob Paine(Worship,Leftroom,Shaboom, Large Recordings)met upstairs from the WorshipRecordings home base at a goodie warehouse event they both performed at.Burning the midnight oil into the breakfast hours together they created a foundationfor a friendship that is still going strong 3 years later. The original mix ofʉNumber One۪was created only a few months after Tanner &Rob۪s first encounter. Both in foreign territory never working together in the studio,they didn۪t know where this was going to go at first. But they both left their egos atthe door and learned to trust each other as the ideas and techniques soondeveloped. Knowing the styleseach other has from their previous releases, you caneasily hear the influential tones of both of these artists on this track. Big ups to theDon Gorgon DJNinjamanfor his contribution. Number One (Dub)۪keeps that same dub driven bass line and tightpunaanydrumsthe original possess but givesNinjamana break on the vocals and dubs out thedrums andhits weaving in and out of thetrack. This rendition still gives you thatsame crazy fucking horn lick (no other way to describe it) and glorious tech stabs at the half way point. Intended for the heads who aren۪t so much into reggae vocals but love the feel of dub. For thepurist,we had to include theNumber One (Version)۪track to seal up thetrinity. If you know reggae music then there is no need to read any further. If nothere is the Urban Dictionary definition of version۪:ʉAn instrumental version of a reggae song often dubbed onto the B-side of asingle. Sometimes DJs wouldrapor toast۪ over top of these versions. Throughthe studio manipulation and experimentation of such figures as King Tubby,Augustus Pablo and Lee Scratch۪ Perry this practice grew into the reggaesubgenre known as dub.۝

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Philadelphia Compilation no.1 is now available in all stores!

By Worship Recordings

Philadelphia Compilation no.1 is now available in all stores!

Catalog # : Wor.045

Artists : Various Philadelphia Producers

Title : Philadelphia Compilation no.1

Release Date : October 25th, 2016

This is Philly house music. Every artist on this compilation represents Philadelphia. Their love & passion for the music can be felt through each one of these songs. You can hear the vibrations that our producers & DJ۪s resonate on this 40th parallel. Whether it۪s techno influenced like Forward۪, Morpheus۪, My Heart۪ & Knew Life۪ or more on the house side like Philadelphia۪, Deepest Feelings۪ or Most High۪, they are all deep and dubbed out in their own ways. Representing Philadelphia۪s underground_


Till Von Sein (Suol, Dirt Crew Recs) My faves are My Heart and the original of Philadelphia۝

Matt Tolfrey (Leftroom Recs) Circle and Chris Udoh doing for me right here!!!۝

Alexi Delano (Plus 8, M-nus, Drumcode) Love this release brother. Will play them 100%.۝

Eli Goldstein (Soul Clap) Excellent release. Especially Philadelphia۪ and the return of Pete Moss!۝

Doc Martin (Sublevel, LA) Sounds great downloading now!!!Great to see some of the philly OG۪S on here!!۝

Jost Gerischer (Jon Silva, The Mulder, Soda Inc., Lexicon, El Presidente) What a lovely compilation! Just skipped through all the tracks and did not find one I didn۪t like. Support! :)۝

Someone Else (Little Helpers, FoundSound) Really solid EP. And very representative of my hometown. Hearing this makes me honored to be from Philly, and honored to know these guys. All tracks are solid. My favorite is definitely track 1.۝

Kevin Yost (I Recordings) Real nice release. I really dig it.۝

Trus۪me (Prime Numbers) Wow these sound great! Really good bro good job.۝

Nickodemus (WONDERWHEEL Recordings / TOTH) Real nice & deep underground sounds on the comp!۝

Rob Salmon (Yoshitoshi Recs) All quality..digging this comp! esp Morpheus۝ Supporting!۝

Steve Mill (Traxsource) I love this release, I particularly love the Pete Moss track.۝

FUNTOM (Dubwise, Giant, Alphahouse Both Philadelphia۪ tracks are amazing as is the Circle one, Okeef took it to another level with his rolling deepness, other tracks are nice too but mentioned ones stand out for me.۝

Tyler Stadius (Fabric Recs) Good tunes. Loving the Sean Thomas Knew Life especially.۝

Eavesdrop Radio WKDU Phila. Great release. Rocked Chris۪ track last night on the show۝

Mystic Vybes WHCR 90.3 FM NY LOVE the vybes__. 9/10.۝

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#DubMonday - Heights & Worship - Dub Monday Podcast #3

By Worship Recordings

#DubMonday - Heights & Worship - Dub Monday Podcast #3
#_DubMonday Podcast no.3 Mixed by Heights + Worship now available for stream and download! Featuring selections from the past few months of #DubMonday posts. A true eclectic mix of foundation dub moving through all the genres that dub has influenced along the way. Ovum Recordings Bost & Bim Ramon Judah Rhythm & Sound Dubsmith Chronixx Midnite Prince Jammy Horace Andy Black Uhuru Official Prince Alla Rob Paine and much more! Also included is a sneak preview of ۻ#_HeightsAndWorship newest single 'Selassie's Song'...

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