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(Wor.026  Hollis P Monroe  'I Want To Thank You Mother & Father' w/ Razoof and Emanual Remix)


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The Worship crew has been workin these mixes on the dance floor @ our Shakedown event for a few months now with incredible crowd response. We are looking forward to your feedback and hope it gives you the dance floor magic we've been blessed with.

Perhaps known best for his release on&nnbsp;Stickman titled "I'm Lonely"Hollis P. Monroe has been a staple in house music both as a dj and producer.  His releases on Worshiphave been some of our best sellers and he is one of our favorite artists to work with. He has been down from day one and on board with Worship since its 3rd release!

I Want To Thank You (Mother & Father) Original Mix

For the Original Mix, Hollis P. Monroe comes straight from the heart. Hollis wastes no time and gets strait into a funky, synthy slap bass groove which gives his mix a raw vibe. As the track progresses it is juxtaposed against a gradually building string melody that takes the track on a warm, deep and soulful journey. The track breaks with a lovely acoustic guitar interlude allowing the dancers to catch their breath and a moment of bliss before the bass funk drops again. Combined these elements make for some serious dance floor magic. Beautiful! 

Razoof & Emanuel's Quiero Agradecer Remix 

Deep, atmospheric, dubby and straight up sexy is what you get with Razoof & Emanuel's Quiero Agradecer Remix. The track starts off with some delayed-out reggae drums and a little taste of  bass dub funk. Then they hit you with a vocal that is dripping with sensuality followed by atmospheric sounds that carry you out of your body into an aural orgasm.  Hot!!! 

Check out what some dj's are already saying:

Johnny Fiasco "10 out of 10"
Tyler Stadius "Feelin this. Lovely groovy swing to both versions."
Seinan "Both mixes are great. Original is ace!"

Wor.027  Rob Paine & Willyum feat Bohiti & Jay Rose  'Time'

"In a time where we need inspiration and hope comes this amazing record, giving us that. Time is timeless.....in a time of need....." -King Britt