· By Worship Recordings

#WorshipWednesday- Seinan- Lion (Original Mix)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ric78Q-LUX8&list=UUaGVqzbOskaIE251UiImDFA The UK and US has always had a strong relationship when it comes to electronic music and its culture. This can also be said for Worship Recordings as many of its artists, and most importantly the fans, are from this area of the world. Today۪s Worship Wednesday we celebrate a release from one of the UK۪s most prolific producers, Andy Graham aka Sei A, and better known to the label as Seinan. The production moniker, Seinan, consists of Graham and his now label partner, Gordon Logan. Together they released the Borrowed Roots۝ EP (WOR.17) back in 2003 on Worship Recordings. The EP consists of three strong offerings that fit the mold of what was at the apex of the Worship sound in the late 90s-early 2000s. Though it was hard to choose which track to feature, Lion۝, was finally agreed upon. Before we dissect this Worship classic lets first take a look at Andy۪s past and what he is currently up to at the moment. According to last.fm, it appears that back in 2003 is when Graham would start to see his productions being released. The Seinan duo in 2003-2004 would see distribution from Deep Freeze Recordings, Troniscole, and of course the mighty Worship. Still remaining in touch with Gordon, Andy would break from the Seinan pseudonym, and begin to release as a solo artist under the guise, Droido. Graham۪s Droido productions would consist of remixes and originals from the realm of Tech House. A notable release from this chapter would be his collaboration with fellow UK artist Milton Jackson. Milton, a UK powerhouse producer in his own right, together with Droido would release the Long Circuit EP via Troniscole. In 2008 Graham would begin to produce under the name Sei A, and is now where most of his more recent tracks are coming from. Sei A۪s music comfortably walks the line between House and Techno, with at times having a moody sensibility. The productions from Sei A have seen releases on an impressive list of labels including and not limited to Kompatk, Aus Music, Rebirth, Turbo Recordings and Soma. Together with Gordon Logan, the pair has created Seinan Music, which serves as a platform for their music and others. With producing aside, Andy has toured the US and a large portion of Europe bringing his unique sound and style as a DJ. Rewinding back to 2003, Graham and Logan۪s Lion۝ track could not fit the Worship catalog any better. Lion۝ contains a lush organic drum pattern that rolls along nicely with a tight high hat and kick. Dazzling keys and a warm organ sample take turns moving in and out of the track with a reverb۪ed vocal; classic Worship right here!