· By Worship Recordings

#WorshipWednesday- Solomonic Sound- Beating Heart (Original Mix)

Worship Wednesday is back and we celebrate with one of the most pivotal releases from the label. Not to say that every release isn۪t special, but Solomonic Sound۪s Beating Heart EP۝ is what shaped the early sound of Worship Recordings. Solomonic Sound is label head Rob Paine and long time friend Zack Eberz, together they created the Beating Heart EP۝ back in January of 2000. With Reggae being at the heart of both producers creatively, it was a no brainer for them to create a track with this sort of influence.

Both gentlemen are well versed in the culture of Reggae and it۪s music, which certainly shines through in the title track of the EP. Rob has explained to us that this production was extra important because it was created at the label۪s first studio on Christian street in South Philadelphia. Though a great distance separated Rob and Zack, their love for the music allowed them to consistently link to create this Dub House masterpiece. Beating Heart۝ thumps away with a circadian rhythm of dub vocal samples and Reggae elements, appearing as if they will beat on forever.

Now based out of Hawaii, you can catch Eberz pushing that classic Solomonic Sound in dancehalls around the island. Rob on the other hand is holding down Solomonic in Philadelphia with shows every last Sunday of the summer at South Bowl located on 19 E Oregon Ave. Also Rob is holding a weekly vibe every Thursday at Saint Lazarus Bar on 102 W Girard. Both events boast the best of Reggae with fine drink specials. Come celebrate with us as Worship Recordings carries on the legacy of Dub inspired music.