WOR.35 – Enlighten Me


WOR.35 – Enlighten Me – Rob Paine & Charles Lazarus

What is this track exactly?!? Being DJ’s at heart, it’s in our very nature to find a label or genre to tag our tracks with. This time around however, even wearing our producer hats,we’re not too sure how to classify this one! “Enlighten Me” is all at once dubby, techy, minimal and indisputably “song based” house music, as well as being the first ever track we’ve heard with a dancehall “mix” stylie. All of that is purely conversational however.  In the end what matters is how it moves the dance-floor, connects with the people, and adds to distinguishing our productions and performances from being more than just a series of thumping kick drums all night long. We’re confident you’ll appreciate the groove and how it stands apart- it’s one of those tracks that comes in with grit and mixes out with grace. Try it!

Rootz Underground is a six-member reggae outfit from Jamaica that has been making waves on the global scene since 2008. “Enlighten Me” is originally a song of social commentary from their local perspective, found on their second studio album entitled ‘Gravity’. It marks the first of many tracks pending to step over into the underground dance world. No other re-mixer or producer would suit such a positive step forward than Rob Paine. Rob has been not only integral in the development of the band, but also blessed with the skills and accolades to please both the reggae and the dance music worlds, which he has done from day one of his career. This is the second jointly produced release Rob has done with Charles Lazarus, who is also the lead guitarist of the band. Rob once again shows that Charles certainly can take us by surprise and in a direction slightly different than one the band normally takes with its roots reggae based sound.

Whether you instantly jam to it or you’re not too sure what to do with it, the duo know you’ll find “Enlighten Me” intriguing. There are many more releases coming that willcombine the wide musical backgrounds of Rob Paine & Charles Lazarus, always centered on keeping it moving with big bass lines and relevant content, and of course without a doubtthe tight pumpum production you’ve come to expect from the pair. You may not be able to anticipate which direction the project will find naturally, but rest assured they are always thinking of your dancing feet.

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