WOR.41 – Teach Dem


Brian McNasby aka Heights, and Rob Paine aka Worship, are bringing their track, Teach Dem Dub, back home to Worship Recordings. The track was originally released on Portland based Dub label ZamZam Sounds on 45 vinyl, and it immediately sold out. Teach Dem Dub will be released both digitally and on vinyl by Worship, and packaged with three interpretations of the single. Since its release back in January, the single gained a plethora of notoriety and was reviewed on mixmag.com in the month of March. Mixmag scored the track a 9 out of 10 and commended Heights + Worship on constructing a piece of deepness that hasn’t been heard in ages.

First up on the remix package is Teach Dem Dub (Extended Disco Mix). Heights and Worship take their Dub masterpiece and formulate an extended 4/4 riddim for the club. The disco mix holds the vibe of Teach Dem dub, but arms the original components with an unleaded, rolling groove. This groove will certainly take the dance floor well into the morning hours.

Supplying an unadulterated expertise of Dub is Brooklyn based legend Liondub. On the remix Liondub teams up with Brooklyn producer, Ticklah, who over the past decade has been a crucial component to the NY music scene. Liondub and Ticklah’s peace inspiring remix brings the tempo back down to the track’s original pace. The remix begins off slowly as it sways back and forth with attitude, but quickly the mood changes. As the bass collapses, a mélange of melody delicately unravels as you drift into a higher realm of the dub.

Next up is Willyum’s (Shakedown Mix). Willyum kicks the tempo of the track into a higher gear giving it a slick deeper house feel. Will takes the chilled organ stab from the original and makes it the backbone of the track. The organ chimes in and out, feeling like the first cool breeze that hits you after hours of dancing. Supporting the melody is the rhythmic dexterity of the percussion, which commands the dance floor to slave over the riddim.

Closing out the package is the original down tempo mix, Teach Dem (Original Dub). Teach Dem begins with a tribal flute that soars across the motherland, awakening the children of the sun to begin their education in Dub. This awakening is sparked by a cyclone of spinning symbols and high hats that introduce a thunder heavy kick drum. The bass line in the track dances poetically as a reverb’ed vocal sample kicks knowledge. The knowledge spoken in the track is complemented appropriately with a cool melodica in a Augustus Pablo style performed by Paine, that creates a sweaty condensation as the track slowly burns.

Heights + Worship consist of Ras Heights of Ital Sound System, and Rob Paine of Worship Recordings and Solomonic Sound fame. Both have deep roots in reggae and electronic music, with decades of combined prowess in production, parties, and promotions, foundation style. Rob Paine came to worldwide prominence after founding Worship Recordings, quickly becoming one of the leading lights of dub house and dub techno, both as a producer and label boss. Deep Space, Fabric, and key events from Mexico to London to Jamaica and long-running residencies in Philly and DC have cemented his rep as a true visionary and innovator, pushing the sounds of reggae, house, and techno together from day one.

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