WOR.42 – Gone Too Deep


The last time these gentlemen linked up was for their release ‘What You See’ on Leftroom Limited in December of 2013. Since then, Circle (Rob Paine + Keith Landis) produced another EP for Worship while Rise 8 has been recording their full length album. The universe let these artistic minds & souls meet in the studio once again to create ‘Gone Too Deep’. The original mix is a deep and moody house builder that is really brought to life through the haunting vocals of Rise 8’s Gerhardt Koerner.

King Britt made it his mission to create his remix inside Worship Studio’s one sunny Sunday in September. What he ended up producing was exactly what Rob & Keith wanted to hear from their mentor of 25 years. The only way to describe it is by the alias he has created so many beautiful and iconic house tracks under — “Scuba”. Deep, Liquid, Dub, Atmospheric Techno for the soul (and for space travel). This 10 minute interstellar journey reinforces why so many DJs and producers around the globe view King as a bonafide innovator of sound.

Fortunately, King also made the introduction of David Marston to the Worship Recordings family, who delivers the next remix for the package. Hailing from the great island of Jamaica, David has been seeing his hard work and musicianship get praised by labels such as Soul Clap + Wolf & Lamb Records. For this remix he took the tempo down and jazzed it up a bit with that NuDisco style. Even though the tempo is down the vibes are up full. His guitar playing adds a extra hook to the original melody that gels together perfectly. This remix will make you smile indeed.

Rounding out this package perfectly is no other than fellow Circle crew member Sean Thomas, delivering perfectly on his ‘Mood Extender’ sound. One word to describe this mix? Tight…. Drums are tight. Keys are tight. Riddim is…. tight. Out of all the mixes, this one has the most edge to it. Somehow, Sean Thomas was able to keep the deepness flowing through out the track though. Nothing so sweet as a tech house track that holds onto the deep vibes.

Early Feedback:

King Britt “An honor to create this ‘rare’ Scuba Remix for my Philly brothers. I wanted to capture the vibe of those 5am sets at the Circle events”

Soul Clap “I love the Marston remix! So sunny and sweet. Big plays from us.”

Jimpster “Really loving the sound of this whole EP and def going to try and include on the new Freerange radioshow…”

DJ Three “Gone Too Deep is insane on a massive system. to have a King Britt “Scuba” mix is beyond expected… so dope…. and the Mood Extender Cicada mix will be getting worke

Alexi Delano “Rob!! The Original and King’s Rmx are DOPE!! I will play them this weekend for sure. Thank you for sending them!”

Osunlade “digging the original and the moog extender mix most of the lot however its an all around dope ep, something for everyone.”

Hollis P Monroe “Diggin’ everything about this Circle release. The original has an unassuming and otherworldly uniqueness and positivity… You guys jumped a few levels with this one! And no doubt, the David Marston mix takes that feel good vibe to another level. It’s musical and dreamy…Mood Extender brings some funk and groove to the table. Perfect for the dance floor…. and the big homey King Britt does what he does so well. Deeeeeeeeeeep.”

Someone Else “Nice EP! I just lost myself in Britt’s remix as well as the Mood Extender Cicada dub.

Tyler Stadius “I’ll play the Mood Extender remix soon. Super addictive chunky one!”

Murray Richardson “Thnx for the tunes, loving them all mate, especially like the Mood Extender Mix of Gone Too Deep”

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