Wor.44 – High Grade Roll


Catalog # : Wor.043 

Artists : Rob Paine + Someone Else feat. El Feco

Title : High Grade Flow

Release Date : May 17th, 2016

1. High Grade Flow (Original)

2. High Grade Flow (Tanner Ross Remix)

3. High Grade Flow (Ronan Portela & Ariel Rodz Remix)

4. High Grade Flow (Rob Paine Remix)

5. High Grade Flow (Rob Paine Stripped Mix)

6. High Grade Flow (Beats)

   It has been a few years since we have heard a collaboration between these two Philly boys: Worship label owner Rob Paine and Little Helpers/Foundsound label owner Sean O’Neal a.k.a. Someone Else. Their last being the stunning Blazin’ EP that hit the charts and DJ boxes worldwide. This time around, they present to you High Grade Flow. There seems so be a ‘green’ theme here with the titles. With that said, the boys have brought another heater featuring the vocals of the uber talented El Feco — who has appeared on Om Records and countless reggae productions in Jamaica, UK, and his hometown of Philadelphia. 

   The Original version, courtesy of Rob, Sean and El Feco, has the word ‘fun’ written all over it. This dance floor shaker is a perfect match for the traditional house music lover, the avid tech-house enthusiast, and not to mention anyone that is fixed on pure old-school house and/or reggae — fueled by swirling synthesizers, horns, strong percussion, a rolling bassline and witty play with effects like reverbs and delays. El Feco’s irresistible vocal moves any ganja lover into a frenzy by the time the breakdown arrives. His Jamaican-style vocal is powerful, captivating and heart-wrenchingly bomb-tactic. 

   After Rob played the original for his friend Tanner Ross (Crew Love, No.19 Recs), Tanner immediately felt that a remix would be a fantastic idea and went to work on it immediately. He flipped it into an abstract but funky dancehall-driven beat that can be worked into the most meticulous house set as well as on a massive sound system at a street dance in Kingston, Jamaica. His minimalistic approach dramatically enhances each individual sound forcing you to be unable to jack your body, meanwhile giving El Feco’s vocal plenty of room to sparkle and shine. This remix truly defines the concept: less is more.

   Sean O’Neal (or, you know, Someone Else) solicited his Argentinean friends Ronan Portela (Foundsound, Little Helpers, Monique Musique, Swank, Om Records, etc, etc.) and Ariel Rodz (Mindshake, Kumquat, Arjaus, etc.) to add their touch on “High Grade Flow.” This is a deep and groovy atmospheric tech-house jam that almost any DJ can play. This mix focuses more on a groove rather than vocals. Although some vocal snippets are sprinkled in for good measure, this one is more about the bassline, percussive grooves and witty breakdown that’ll keep your body moving. They manage to maintain the Worship sound by interweaving the perfect amount of tech, dub and deepness. 

   Then you have two remixes by Rob Paine. HIs main Rob Paine Remix offers a variation to the bassline giving it a more stabby, funky vibe. While still letting the full vocal flow, he takes this mix a bit deeper with some mesmerizing almost-tribal drum machine percussion and clever synth-play. Then you get Rob’s Stripped Mix — using only sparsely some vocal bits here and there in a dubbed-out psychedelic fashion, plus an extremely hooky synth-bassline that’ll have the club kids crawling all over the dance floor reaching for the ceiling and begging for more.

   The Beats mix needs little explanation. It’s right up in your face like the Original version, but minus the vocals. It’s the perfect solution for those who dig the tune, but prefer to have a non-vocal version.


Josh Wink (Ovum Recs) “A unique and fitting combination and collaboration of two producers and old friends, keeping the spirit and integrity of Worship Recordings intact! I prefer raw Tanner Ross remix the best to play out, but there is a lot of great mixes to chose from!”

Eli Goldstein (Soul Clap)Woah. That Tanner mix!!!!”

Adam Port (KeineMusik) “The whole pack sounds good to me!”

Mark Farina (Great Lakes Audio) “Dope tracks!!! Will rock it for sure!”

Jay Haze (Fuckpony/Tuning Spork) “Loving this new collaboration with Someone Else and Rob Paine. Rolling grooves and keeping true to that yellow, black and green flag! 

Been listening to both artists since I was a teenager….. long time I guess.

Great call on Tanner Ross for a remix, very serious talent right there”

Brendon Moeller (Beat Pharmacy) “Cool dubwise party house jams. Thx for the lossless files brother!”

Marcelo Rosselot (Highgrade Records) “My favorite: Ronan Portela & Ariel Rodz remix”

Hollis P Monroe (Noir Music/The Black 80’s) “This is good one right here!  Loving the way the energy builds led by the vocal in the original but i’ll be playing all of these…”

Rob Salmon (Yoshitoshi) “Love the Rob Paine remix!, Sounds great..will support.”

Dj Spun (Rong Music) “Will definitely be playing the Stripped Mix! Nice one…”

Luke McKeehan (Nordic Trax) “Loving this. Original, Tanner Ross and the Roman Portela & Ariel Rodz mixes are all dope.”

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