Wor.46 – Herbman


Catalog # : Wor.046

 Artists : Alex Burkat + Rob Paine

 Title : Herbman

Release Date : December 27th, 2016


1. Herbman (Original)

2. Herbman (Acid Dub)

3. Herbman (P.S. 118 Remix)


Alex Burkat (The Night Owl Diner/Third Ear Recs) might love reggae and all of its off shoots as much as Worship Recordings’ label boss Rob Paine does. This project was destined to happen at some point along the way, but it wasn’t until Alex moved back from NYC that they got into the lab together to create this ‘Herbman’ release. In doing so they used some old analog gear alongside a little digital gear to stay in balance with the universe.  

The ‘Original’ mix is definitely for those bigger room scenarios. A full up tribal tech stomper with some massive low end as you would imagine with any Worship release. The vocal dubs out so long it becomes part of the tracks riddim leading into some dark overtones that growl their way through until the end.

 The boys utilized a section towards the end of the original to create the ‘Acid Dub’ mix. Add in a groovy little acid line and call it a day. A super fun tool if you are not into the breakdowns and vocals of the original. 

P.S. 118 caught Rob’s attention when they recently played at one of his ‘goodie’ events in Philadelphia. The sound and energy they were expressing was honest & pure. It needed to be harnessed into a remix for Worship. With in a few weeks they handed in this remix to round out the package perfectly. Adding the deeper element that was needed but without the loss of vibes from the original. Well done indeed. 

Feedback & Reviews:

Osunlade (Yoruba) “Love the PS118 rmx!!! Thanks!”

King Britt ( BBE/Planet E) “Love this….a great tool too! Bass is heavy!”

Robert Owens (Compost/Large) “Thank you! Nice tracks.”

Justin Sloe (Droog/Culprit Recs) “You get that bass to rumble so beautifully – Nice stuff”

Butane (Little Helpers) “Thanks, sounds nice!”

Someone Else (Little Helpers) “This is a dope release. For the kinds of parties where i usually play, the acid dub is going to work magically. I will play it for sure.” 

Robbie Akbal (Akbal Music) “Nice! Massive thanks for sending the music”

Pete Moss (Ovum/Recline) “Wicked tracks!”

Parrish Wintersmith (Groove Junkies) “Feeling this!”

Rob Salmon (Yoshitoshi) “Digging the new release, ‘PS 118 remix’, supporting!”

Tyler Stadius (Fabric/Nordic Trax) “All mixes sounding sweet!”

LRCN (Digitally Imported) “Good stuff, thanks for sending. Acid Dub is nice.”

E3 (ZamZam Sounds) “This one is great man, I’m sure it will go down well!  Love the classic Worship feel the vocal and vocal treatments give the tune.  And that massive breakdown… really strong.  I think the PS118 is my pick, so funky and the minimal steel pan vibes… yes!”

Dean Serafini (JJazproJect, Frisky Rhythms) “The PS118 Remix would be my pick, hope it does well for you!”

Dj Gov (Dubspot) “Boom! Love this!”

Leri Ahel (Mutant Disco Radio) “Thanks! P.S.118 remix is great”

Tom Krizic (Dubwise, Giant, Alphahouse) “Acid Dub is an Outstanding track” 


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