WOR.37 – Foundation



Artist: Rob Paine & Neil Kurland


1. Foundation (Original)

2. Davidson Ospina Foundation Remix

3. Foundation (Deep Bass Roller Mix)

4. Foundation (Beats Mix)

June 18th Beatport Exclusive Release date
June 29th Official Release date

The sounds on this EP are far from the original Foundation of music coming from the mother land. Instead, this collection of tracks is a product of how those sounds have manifested into present day house music. Worship Recordings style. Rob Paine & Neil Kurland touch the studio for the first time together to pay respect to the Foundation with this 4 track EP.

The Original mix is the fullest of the 4 mixes. A tribal anthem all the way. What begins as ‘tribal war’ soon develops into peace time with super smooth chords to set the tone for the next minute or so before the natives get restless. Add in a rasta bredren speaking the truth and some heavy bass then go mash up the dance with this gem every night of the week.

Worship is blessed to have Davidson Ospina (Ospina Digital) join the tribe. Deep, tribal and tight as a drum head to my favorite keta drum is what Davidson serves up with this one. We could not have asked for a better representation of Davidson’s sound mixed with the sound of Worship Recordings. He hit this one properly.

Of course we could not let Davidson go deeper than us so we added the minimal Deep Bass Roller mix. Actually, this was done before Davidson’s but it looks good on paper. Actions speak louder than words so just hit the play button and gwan!

PS- Beats mix is cool !


Evan Landes (Groove Junkies) “Dope Release”

Rob Mello (Classic) “Really like the minimal bass and beats mixes.”

James Zabiela (Renaissance) “Great!”

Robert Owens “thank you Sir for all the beautiful music, I look forward to playing the tracks 🙂

Jeff Roll (Gradient Mag) “Excellent”

Maetrik/Maceo Plex “Nice Release. Will try it out.”

DJ Javimar (DJ MAG Spain) “Summer hit. To dance in the open air, very very good.”

Dj Nori (Posivision, Japan) “FOundation for peak time set! Also Beats Mix is Great!”

Randall Jones “All these mixes are super tight…deep, lowslung and smooth just how I like it!”

Henri Kohn “Davidson Mix is my fav.”

Nick Warren (Hope Recordings) – Original mix is excellent thanks

Slam (Soma Records) – liking all these mixes – love Mr Osipina’s productions – will play for sure thanx

James Talk (Blu Fin) – solid EP!

Silicone Soul (Soma Records/Darkroom Dubs) – Great release, love the whole vibe thx for the music

Arnaud Le Texier (Safari Electronique) – Old school tribal vibe & cool!

Someone Else (Foundsound/Butane + Someone Else/Rob Paine + Someone Else) – i’m high.

Alex Kid – Beats and bass Roller for me! oh yes … Bass!

Gel Abril (Be As One) – minimal bass roller mix is cool tnx!

Pig & Dan (Cocoon) – Ospina remix is spot on 🙂

Shlomi Aber (Be As One) (Shlomi Aber) – the bass roller mix its nice

Tim Xavier (Tim Xavier and Camea/Ltd 400/Manmade Mastering/Clink Recordings) The David – Ospina mix rocks!! Thanks

Martin Landsky (Pokerflat) – david ospina mix and minimal bass roller mix for me here…both are cool…

Samuel L. Session – like the beats mix the most, very functional for me!

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