WOR.39 – Music & Emotion


In their second release for Worship, the influential and long running consortium from Philadelphia know as Circle delve further into the production realm and collaborate effectively to bring you the “Music & Emotion” EP.

Staying true to the sounds that have kept this crew ardently toiling away for nearly 20 years, “Music & Emotion” serves their need for depth and drive while preserving a timeless structure.

Setting the tone for this weaponry is the ‘Original Mix’. Guided by a sturdy backbone of percussion and syncopated rhythms, the original takes its time to unfold. Nothing extraneous here as momentum builds to a well constructed bass line that solidifies the rhythmic statement and delivers dance floor determination. Simple synth lines add a thoughtfully distinctive component that combine to communicate a track useful in a variety of settings.

Placing a greater emphasis on tech-tinged elements, the ‘Emotionally Gated Dub’ punches clean and strips back the percussion to reveal a straight-up floor monster. With carefully timed builds, soaring soundscapes and delay, this one will hold up well during peak time and provide the building block for an assortment of musical maneuvers.

With heart in hand, the ‘Tribute to Randy Flash Keys Dub’ humbly pays respect to our Philly friend and DJ, Randy Flash who was taken from us far too soon. With heaping helpings of early morning beauty, this mix will radiate warmth and gently beckon the more discerning heads to come join the dance.

Another illusive Philadelphia producer join the Circle crew delivering a thump-laden, synth workout with his ‘Mood Extender Mix’. Insidious in its development and decidedly unpredictable at times, this mix fuses a wide array of sounds in his version to distend the confines of deep music and perpetuate expansion while laying down undeniable feel.


Hear what these jocks are saying about it…

DJ Wehbba (Tronic) – Tribute To Randy Flash Keys Dub is my favorite, but mood extender is also cool

Gregor Tresher / Break New Soil – Original of Music & Emotion sounds great! Will play.

Jonny Cruz / No. 19, My Favorite Robot, Toys for Boys, Vakant, Geno  – mood extender for me

Claude Young / cynet:media – Original Mix is really nice.

Kabale & Liebe (100% Pure / Remote Area) – all mixes are dope! original is my favourite though

Andrew Grant (Circo Loco)  Extend my mood to the fullest

Pig & Dan (Cocoon) – original is really cool

Jamie Anderson  – gated dub will get most plays from me – good release

Sasha / Renaissance – cool tracks

Brett Johnson (Cynosure, Frankie) Reminds me of Keys And Tronics from back in da day… Nice deep shiz here. Thanks. b

Bryan Zentz ( Plus 8 ) original for me. thanks!

Robert Owens – great track and mixes, thank you

Brothers Vibe – All GOOD MIXES – really feeling the keys dub…nice!

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