Okeefe aka Circle

Rob Paine & Okeef aka ‘Circle’ original incarnation in the 90’s as a DJ and Promotions crew was integral in establishing Philadelphia as a major hub for electronic music along the east coast of the US, producing some the region’s most well-known events and club nights. Building upon the legacy of Josh Wink and King Britt, as promoters Circle focused on the deeper elements of house and techno in their earliest parties.

For the past 25 years, Rob & Keith have been gracing dance floors internationally playing timeless sets for the masses. The amorphous Circle crew is comprised of several talented producers and DJs that have played major roles in it’s growth over the years. In its most recent incarnation as producers, Rob Paine (Worship Recordings) and Okeef have been the predominant faces to date, with longtime collaborator Sean Thomas (Sound Between Movement) contributing to several tracks & remixes as well.

With five solid releases under their belt on Philadelphia’s Worship Recordings, a EP on Leftroom Limited and new material constantly being refined and road tested, the Circle guys continue to expand on what they started over 25 years ago.