Hakan Lidbo

Hakan Lidbo

Hakan has released more than 200 records on labels like Pokerflat, Shitkatapult, Ministry, Fragile etc. Produced and remixed artists like Fatboy Slim, Yello, Kool Keith. New album on Mantis in a few months.

Hakan Lidbo emerged in the late ’90s as one of the most prolific tech-house producers on the planet. His musical life began with his involvement in a number of “crappy” (that’s his word) rock bands in the mid-’80s. Later that decade he formed acid jazz project Solid State (achieving a modicum of success), then went to work for Scandinavian music monolith MNW. After leaving MNW, Lidbo pursued his lifelong ambition of making music full-time and formed Container Recording and Publishing as a vehicle for his work. Container also represents like-minded Swedish producers Laid (John Anderson) and Martin Venetjoki.

Lidbo has mastered a wide variety of styles, most of which fall under the house umbrella. Pick up a Lidbo release on Loaded (Skint’s tech-house sub-label) for uplifting vocals. Grab a release on Fiji for deep, late-night moods. Sample his material on Pokerflat (Steve Bug’s inspirational house imprint) for minimal, mind-bending house. Seek out a Paper Recordings release for refined, classic house. When he’s not making house, Lidbo experiments with abstract electronic music for Denmark’s April Records and with soundtrack-inspired downtempo for Repap (under the guise of Bobby Trafalgar). On an even more experimental note, Lidbo recently wrote the score to a nineteenth century ballet for the Copenhagan Radio Symphonic Orchestra.