Jay Tripwire

Jay TripwireJay Tripwire’s roots began in the Underground scene in the early 90s as a DJ, where Jay played regularly at clubs and Warehouse parties on the westcoast becoming a integral part of the underground movement. Not content to just DJ he began working on *his own productions which quickly established his name on a household level, as one of house music’s most prodigious producers.

With over 100 releases and remixes on over 250 000 vinyl records sold on some of the finest labels underground house music has to offer . Jay’s accomplishments have honorably placed him amongst the dance music elite. His music has been featured on numerous commercial-released mix CD’s by many major artists and has been supported by everyone from John Digweed to Laurent Garnier to Kerri Chandler and Mark Farina.

Jay’s signature sound, a fusion of Detroit elements with a high-light of intricate rhythms merged with the sounds of classic house has been the foundation for his musical achievements that has notably gained him such a wide range of appeal amongst djs and fans alike. His productions have leveraged his tour schedule to one that has kept Jay on a global rotation from 2001 to now. From headlining parties in over 200 different cities worldwide in many of the top rated venues.

Key Jay Tripwire facts

– Had tracks appear on a wide range of compilations from Cocoon, Ultra, Journeys by Dj, Fabric, Renaissance, Bedrock, and the Sony PSP handheld game Wipeout.

– Headlined over 50 parties at Miami’s WMC.

– Has had bass patches on numerous synths over the years named after him -Jay works numerous special re-edits into his sets making his sets completely unique.

– Jay’s preference is long sets, happily playing for 8 hours, from opening to close even so jay can show off his versatility of styles.



“Jay Tripwire is ahead of everyone else.” – MUZIK

“Delivers on the Promise…” – International DJ

“A fantastic standout.” – VICE

“Essential.” – MIXER

“Really deep and funky” – Ministry

“Plenty of twisted pyrotechnics” – XLR8R

“With Jay Tripwire on the mix, expect something a bit special.”- M8

“Jay Tripwire’s productions are a DJ’s dream packed with the finest tools from the trade.” – URB

“Jay Tripwire is pretty much unbeatable right now.” – MUZIK

“Responsible for some of the most exciting underground house music to come out of North America in recent years.” – DJ Magazine