Solomonic Sound

Solomonic SoundSolomonic Sound started and continues as a reggae sound system, focusing on roots and culture dancehall reggae by Rob Paine and Zack Eberz. Both being well schooled and connoisseurs of reggae and house music, they soon started linking up productions using elements from both genres of music. It was a very natural process for them to develop their sound. With reggae being the foundation since their youth, they distinctively heard those elements in house music.

As soon as they got working in the studio together it was apparent they were onto some serious works. Their first release, “Beating Heart”, hit the dances hard and is now considered a classic by many top ranking house and dub DJ’s. “Nightlife” was the next full EP, and once again the reviews and chartings were all over major publications and the men were really starting to make a name for themselves worldwide.

A slew of remixes for Worship artists and other top notch labels were in demand and Solomonic soon became very busy. “Come Fi Mash It” was personally one of the boys’ favorites and just added more fire to their growing popularity and recognition, for being the premier Dub House Producers of the movement. But by far, “Children Of Israel” has been their best selling to date. Hitting the house music charts tuff, and selling close to 10,000 releases through Worship Recordings, it was later licensed to Shaboom Recordings in the UK. Other licensing of Solomonic’s music has been picked up by NRK, Tango, and Fabric.

Although Zack and Rob have decided not to produce under the Solomonic name any more, the work they have done is well respected worldwide, and the songs they wrote together are timeless and will be considered classics.

Be sure to check out Solomonic Sound’s full length album entitled “First And Last”. The album features all the favorite original and remix work, alongside a few un-released tunes never heard before.

Give thanks to all who have supported Solomonic Sound over the years. Remember you can still hear Solomonic busting up dancehalls on a weekly basis in Philadephia, Honolulu,  Vermont, Los Angeles and international gigs. Promoting the best in Roots and Culture reggae. Please check out to get all info pertaining to their reggae sound system.