Rob Paine + Someone Else - Blazin' EP

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Philadelphia’s Worship Recordings is back with heavy heat! Rob Paine & Someone Else (Sean O’Neal of Foundsound Recordings and Little Helpers) come together for a collaboration that has been worth the wait.  

Known for his deep and dub style house,   Rob Paine works some minimal magic with the graces of Sean O’Neal for a spectacular smooth ride; the kicks are thumpin’,  and the bass is rumblin’. The reggae stabs echo and reverb into the flow of each melodic transition. The stylin’ accompaniment on the remixes come from some well known Philadelphians; Sean Thomas and Jay Haze.  

Jay now traveling through different continents on musical missions, adds worldly influence of sounds through his remix.  Classic big room style with intimate environment vibe,  it’s a driving force of dub house, without having to up the tempo to feel  its motion.    

The ‘Drumsong Dub’ from Sean Thomas is a full representation of what he does monthly at his Philly club night of the same  name.   A heady and welcoming vibe, that’s steadily diggin’ in your soul and making your body want to shake; no malarkey in this mix!    

And in respect to the classic style of a DJ EP, this release showcases a ‘Dub’ and a ‘Beats’ mix.  The ‘Beats’ mix strips away some  of the spaced out sounds, and replaces them with powerfully placed, live percussion from the talents of Carlos Izaguirre.  His musical enhancements add an organic and earthy feel for those who want to keep their mixes grounded, yet groovy.    

Need something to build your dance floor to the right groove? Head straight for the ‘Dub’ mix, as its solid progression, and  bounce can be the ultimate foundation for setting the proper vibe, taking your crowds to whatever direction you’re headed next.