Solomonic Sound - Come Fi Mash It

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Originally released in December 2000, 'Come Fi Mash It' by Solomonic Sound features a remix by Philly house hero Pete Moss.

Original notes:
Yes I, Solomonic Sound comes in ruff and tough with this dancefloor killer. Showing that dub music can hit the dancefloor in all forms, 'Come Fi Mash It' is one of the more bangin' tunes that the Solomonic bredrens have engulfed on since their first release back in 1998. The title track starts off like it could be on the deep tribal side with live percussion. But give it about a minute and this bass rollin' lion will start building into a horn frenzy that doesn't peak until about four and a half minutes deep into the track. The momentum never stops and will take even the soberest person on a journey. The following ‘Chem Beats' is for the tracky DJ that likes it all at once.

But for those who are fiending for that deep, bubbling dub house - no need to fret cause the flip is filled with it. 'Mash Down Dub' takys a look at Solomonic's deep, dubby, tech side that these rastas have made a name for themselves with. Dark textures with airy pads. And if none of those mixes are doing it for you, Pete Moss comes in and puts his O.G. signature sound that has had labels such as Ovum, Large, Seasons, Siesta, and Philly's newest addition to our family, Society Hill, releasing his EP's. Nuff said...