Chris Udoh, June Lopez - Detect This!

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Originally released in May 2000, 'Detect This!' is a three track EP released by Chris Udoh and June Lopez under the alias 'Emotion Detectors'.

Original Notes:
Following his debut on worship last spring with his collaboration project, Kidz On Christian (aka Rob Paine & Chris Udoh), Chris and partner June Lopez throw together some righteous tunes that will bring even the stiff ass DJ’s onto the floor to get their groove on.

"Steps comes in rough with its original mix to blow the big man & mind when he is trying to bring babylon fire upon the bredren and sistren. Nothing can stop this tune from blowing up the area, Watch your tweeters on this one body & soul…....I swear.

Flip the record and you flip the script as well,
"Cuba Rico" is the personal favorite of the I on this wicked EP. All I know is that every time I play this record up in northeast philly the crowd shouts
“Wepe" or something along those lines.

The inside cut is the dub for "Steps"' chat is a mystical experience in itself. As you can imagine, this one is deep. Real deep. A floating lush of a tune that takes the edge off the [E) from Motion and brings you up and down with soothing melodies.

Do not sleep on this one!
So hot well do your emotions detect the sound?