Rob Paine & Jai Ali - Just You & Me

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Issued in the year 2000 under the moniker 'Divine Conception', Rob Paine and Jai Ali's 'Just You & Me' is now available on Bandcamp for the first time, with a Re-Blessing by June Lopez.

Original notes:
Bringing it back to the roots of Worship Recordings with his first release on the label (wor.01-Christian St. Princess FP) Rob presents a new alias under the name Divine Conception bringing in long time bredren Jai-Ali on the throat to debut 'Just You & Me'.

An uplifting vocal track with smooth melodies, soft pads and keys, a pumpin' bass line and a bridge that rains anthem all over it.

'Just Step To Me' is a rolling two-step version on the lighter side of this sound. A track that can be worked into a nice garage or deep house set for sure.

June Lopez makes his second appearance on Worship (ie. Emotion Detectors - wor.07) with his 'Just Traveling' re-blessing. A bubbling tech dub with deep chords to take the edge off and give you a chance to catch your breath. Whew! Enjoy...