Nectar - Moj Aniol EP

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Originally released in February 2000, the Moj Aniol EP by Nectar (a.k.a. Adam Tenenbaum) comes complete with a remix by Rob Paine under his 'Divine Conception' moniker.

Blessed. We are very fortunate to have Nectar (a.k.a. Adam Tenenbaum) to have one of his first releases on our label. This up-and-coming artist has definitely made an impression on us as well as the likes of Grayhound and Abnormal Records. This ‘big room’ dub ep consists of three tunes that are ingenious in programming as well as floor shaking. ‘Moj Aniol’ starts this EP off with a three minute intro of spacey sweeps and irritating grinds with abstract rhythms that explodes into a rocking 4/4 with that
legendary west coast vibe. ‘Bloodgrass' is next on the list that completely follows the classic ’wicked' sound with that bass line you'll be humming all the way through Babylon.

The 'Happiness Remix' of 'Moj Aniol' breaks it down a bit and takes the more minimal approach to the original mix with deeper tones and a rolling bass line. Divine Conception (aka Rob Paine) re-blesses ‘Bloodgrass' giving it a warmer texture with soothing rhythms and acoustic guitar/flute licks that float you right into the break. While the minimal bass line comes to fruition leading to the break - it really starts running when everything comes roaring back in like the lion of Judah to bring everything together in a deep house bliss that is a pleasure to mix. Give thanks and praise...