Moqita - It Comes to Me

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First released in May 2006 on Shakedown Recordings.

Original Notes:
Just in time for spring comes this second installment from the Shakedown label with Moqita's "It Comes To Me". Who is Moqita? Well, Moqita is Billy Blaise, JG, and Ashley Thomas. What's Moqita like? Well, imagine Stan Getz jamming with Autechre in the living room at the Miles Davis' house, while Lou Reed eats cornbread in the kitchen with Lee Perry. Sorta like that. Or for the clerks at the record store: A bit like Zero 7 or happier Massive Attack. In other words, Moqita is a versatile sound.

For Shakedown they have created a deep and jazzy house number full up with lovely string melodies and smooth vocals…perfect for our vibe!

A1. It Comes To Me - Original - This track is just beautiful! The acoustic strings and flute melodies give the track a light, airy springtime feel. Billy Blaise's smooth, crooner vocals are sure to have the ladies on the dance floor swooning. With lush orchestration and sexy vocals, this track can't go wrong!

A2. It Comes To Me - Radio Edit - Short and sweet, we keep this edit straight to the point so the radio jocks can give it play.

B1. It Comes To Me - Rob Paine & Willyum's Full Up Remix - Rob and Will deliver a slightly harder version of the song dubbing out the baseline Worship style keeping the vibe deep, warm and chuggin.