Håkan Lidbo - Natty Roots EP

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Originally released on December 27th 2000, the stunning 'Natty Roots EP by Swedish producer Håkan Lidbo features a re-blessing by Solomonic Sound.

Original Notes:
Blessings. By now, everyone should know at least one Håkan Lidbo tune that has caught their ear and pocket these past few years. Having recorded tracks for Loaded, Paper, Moody & Fiji Recordings to name just a few, Håkan has blessed our camp with a special dub influenced tech house EP that he ever so carefully crafted for our label.

"Natty Roots” begins the journey with a rub-a-dub stylee deep tech house chune that runs a tweeked out ragga muffin vocal over a chunky drum track with snappy fills that will break your neck, it’s so tight.

The bass that rolls off of "Dirty Politician” from the
beginning is a driving force that eventually builds into a surprisingly melodic trance of
mystic dub for the dance floor. A title appropriate for our current situation in the good ol U.S. of Babylon A.

"Trinity” falls into the same realm as “Natty Roots” using a DJ style vocal that speaks of the suppression and violence that rings out everyday in this world’s ghettoes.

Solomonic Sound finds meaning in the “Trinity” and re-blesses it with love and guidance with a more elaborate and moody approach. Taking blurbs here and there from the vocal, Solomonic builds a new tune with a live repeater drum line and a skank that floats in and out of phase counteracting other various percussion swoops that are brought all together with signature Solomonic bass lines. One Love…