Solomonic Sound - Night Life

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Originally released on October 1st, 1999, this is the 4th release on Worship Recordings.

Original notes:

Following up their debut single ‘beating heart' released earlier this year solomonic sound (aka Rob Paine & Zack Eberz) come in live and direct with the single 'night life’. Guaranteed to nice up the area on any sound system, all three mixes are to be worked Into any DJ’s set.

The original starts you deep in the midst of a 4/4 tribal dub with bubbling live bass mixed with a percolated generated bass riff building the floor into a hypnosis rise, before tapering off for a moment to slip into a spacey breakbeat. With the rootsman-sounding main vocal hook being licked into place, the break gets chopped up and gracefully transformed into shaken 4/4 tribal dub escalating with plenty of drugs (effects) into dub frenzy.

On the flip is the a.m, dub mix which takes the same sound on at first listen as the original. but given a moment - you'll realize the swooping pads and mysterious chords start to take you on a different journey. With a minimal but moving bass line beginning to roll in, the main vocal hook starts to make an appearance into different rhythms that the pads and chords help create. Definitely the mix for the straight 4/4 house heads.

The inside cut is controlled and re-blessed by no other than our bredren Pete Moss. Always starting his mix with no bullshit - Pete cores more than correct with his interpretation, using that soft and groovy feel that he expresses so well with colorful chords and tight drum patterns layered with floating leads that duck in and out - this mix will be sure to lift the hairs off your arms and get you moving even if it is 8 In the morning. nuff respect Pete.