Hito Vs Solomonic Sound - Two Sound Clash

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Originally issued in September 2002 on 12" vinyl, 'Two Sounds Clash' features an original track by Hito (Tigerhook Corporation), plus a remix by Solomonic Sound (Rob Paine and Zach Eberz).

Original Notes:
The first in a new series, this sound clash plate features an original by Hito, head honcho and co-founder of the Tigerhook Corporation, a name creating quite a buzz these days. Having released collectively on labels such as Bedrock, Hooj Choons and The End to name just a few, expect to see a slew of releases from this crow in the months to come...

Side A: "Third I” - The original from Hito starts with minimal tribal drums and atmospheric sweeps. After a building break with a killer kung-fu vocal sample, the track fills with a knee knocking bassline to move the massive. Very mixable and most suitable for dancefloors big and small…

Silde B: "Solomonic I’ - remixed by Rob Paine and Zach Eberz a.k.a. Solomonic Sound. The bredren throw their signature dub soaked sounds into the mix, delaying the vocals, manipulating the original bassline and adding a unique breakbeat section into the track to properly mash up the dancefloor. More top notch remixing from these pioneers of the dub house movement.