· By Worship Recordings

BPM Magazine reviews WOR.CD.01

ROB PAINE A Worship Recordings Compilation (Worship Recordings) Philadelphia's Rob Paine has always been knee deep in dub. From the first time I saw him rocking 7"s of the sickest underground reggae and dub in Miami a few years back, to witnessing one of his more recent club performances, it is obvious that Paine always manages to tie in the dub aesthetic with his DJ sets. On that tip, his debut mix album for Worship Recordings aptly titled A Worship Recordings Compilation is certainly no departure from this idea. Opening with a sweet ass intro featuring Luciano and Mikey General, Paine then moves through dub infused house material from the likes of San Francisco's Rocket aka Garth, Sweden's Hakan Lidbo, Philadelphia's Kidz on Christian Street, Los Angeles's Nectar and material from Rob himself, including "Divine Conception" featuring Jai-Ali, and a number of original tracks and remixes from Salami Sound, Rob's protect with partner Zach Eberz. This label is young, but it has already carved out a nice niche for itself in the overcrowded house label market. While some labels may have both a more prolific and/or more streamlined operation, few on put together as many choice tunes as Rob Paine's Worship imprint. (Rick Selzer)