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Mixer reviews WOR.CD.01


A Worship Records Compilation (Worship)

What is it? Atter four years of releases DJ Rob Paine puts together a "best of" of sorts from the Worship Records catalog of dub house records.
Should I buy it? Though the compilation might be a bit slow for some dub house tastes, the music is excellent and mixed by a surgically steady hand.
The dub basslines are lumpy, the percussion funky and beats lumpy That said, there is something a bit self-serving about a DJ that mixes 13 of his own tracks, from his own label, onto a
comp with 15 spaces.

For fans of: DJ Lorin, The Overtakers

Essential tunes Kidz on Christian Street, "Hooked on Dub"; Hakan Lidbo, "Trinity"; Solomonic Sound, "Nightlife"

084 May 2002 mixer