· By Worship Recordings

#DubMonday - DJ Garth & Eric James present Rocket- Stand By (Solomonic Sound Mix)


This #DubMonday we present a tune that displays the many facets of Dub Music. We obviously didn't have to venture very far to do so. Philadelphia's Rob Paine and Zack, working together as Solomonic Sound System, provide a brilliant example of how much dub has influenced the production of House Music. At some point in the middle of a binghi drum fueled ambience, the heartbeat of this track slowly begins to pulse. As you inevitably get drawn in deeper by Bob Marley speaking about dub music, a commanding 4/4 kick rises out of the echospace, clearing a path for the ensuing percussive takeover. Accented hi-hats and echoed open-hat bursts provide a constant as intermittent synth lines flirt with the ever-escalating binghi fills. Capped off nicely with sporadic snare hits and generous reverb and delay usage, this track just oozes dubbyness. Written and Produced by Rob Paine & Zack Eberz. Worship Recordings 1999