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Podcast 08- Hollis P Monroe


ۻ#_WorshipRecordingsPodcast 08

Mixed by Hollis P Monroe

Hollis P Monroe is no stranger to Worship Recordings. He first appeared on Wor.03 with his remix of Rob Paine + Chris Udoh's 'Hooked On Satisfaction' release in 1999. He followed that up with a original release under the Universal Agents alias with partner G-Pal. Then again with the 'I Want To Thank You (Mother & Father) release. His works are worldwide on labels like N A U, Suol, noir Music, KEINEMUSIK, Ovum Recordings, Fiji Recordings , West End Records and more... Hollis perfectly balances all the elements that make up real deep house music. You will hear this throughout his podcast he has blessed us with. Showcasing from Worship's catalog with CIRCLE's 'Music & Emotion (Mood Extender Remix)' release as well as tracks from artists like David Dorad, Hyenah, Markey, Kevin Over, Daniel Grau and Leman & Dieckmann. He continues to stay current with his sound. We look forward to hearing his The The Black 80s works with partner Overnite for 2015 with a possible Worship release (fingers crossed!). Enjoy this one to the fullest....