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URB features Rob Paine as Guest Reviewer

Natty dreads big-up the dance floor! That's the vibe when Philadelphia's Rob Paine and his Worship Records Label crew take to the decks. Their manifesto of sound-clashing -deep-house rhythms with the minimalism and spirituality of dub came into conciousness in 1998, when Paine and friends Dan McGehean and Zach Eberz were manning the chalice. Although they're from Philly they help perpetuate the new house sound of the West Coast alongside brethren like the 6400 Crew and the Greyhound posse. Catch the Worship fire with "A Worship Records Compilation" which finds Paine conjuring up the serious Rastaman vibrations with tracks from Hakan Lidbo and his production team with Eberz, Solomonic Sound. Rocket Out With the Tide (Wicked remixes) (Grayhound) This was definitely the record I got in Miami at this year at this year's Winter Music Conference that the crew and I were feeling the most. Garth enlists his Wicked Crew brethren on the mixes; Markie's version is kind of a stony broken-beat mix with phased-out guitar, while Jeno's mix comes with the butter bass line, pleasantly funky guitar rifts and snappy congas to lock down the rhythm. Jeno needs to produce more. Smitty Davenport & Blakemore Sleepwalking/Central (Life) "Central" is a jackin' tribal funk-filtered frenzy. Maybe a bit too aggressive on the filtering for my tastes, but it works for the dance floor. "Sleepwalking" is my pick on this EP. The vibe is a bit dark with some chunky, techy tribal grooves and a very simple bass line that starts to roll you into a meditative state of dub. Succulent Natural Progression EP (Worship) Adam Tenenbaum (aka Nectar) partners up with partner Sean Kamano to make this masterpiece of dub house. Each track focuses on a different aspect of the dub-house movement, with three crucial tunes fit for a king. Solomonic Sound takes their blessing of "Freshly" straight to the floor with rumbling bass and tight drums. See-I Meets Jah Love EP (Jah Love) Jah Love Recordings team up with See-I (a Thievery Corporation DJ) to make a well-rounded EP of dub for your house. "No Stop the Dub" is definitely vibing off the sound that labels like Grayhound and Imperial Dub have helped foster an the West Coast with its bigger room sound, while "Ackee & Saltfish" moves into the deeper side of things. Messenger Dub is my favorite, failing between the other two with a lighter, more atmospheric sound. Solomonic Sound Children of Israel (remixes) (Shaboom) Originally a little white label that I did with Zach as Solomonic Sound, but this has new mixes. I don't know exactly who the remix artists are because it wasn't written on my test pressing, but I have a good idea that Mark Bell and Doc Martin had something to do with it. The first cut is one of the deepest mood altering tracks I have heard in a while... Everything about the mix is tight, right down to the minimal acid line that weaves its way throughout. The inside cut on that side is a break version white the flip is more of the same vibe as the A-side, but with less of the vocal used.