· By Worship Recordings

XLR8R reviews WOR.CD.01


"Trance" is only an inappropriate word to start a Worship review with, since the word has been hijacked by the candy-colored darkside. It's not a widely reported phenomenon, but clubs blessed by Worship records and their type are guaranteed to see more new friends made. Here the stage belongs to owner Rob Paine, who's drawn together a collection from the repertoire, united by religiously nurtured bassline pressure and movements from the soul. Whether explicit in the lyrics or obvious from the atmosphere, this is spiritual music. The way Nectar's "Divine Bloodgrass" sweeps in over "Children Of Israel" or the energetic arrival of the heroic "Come Fi Mash It" after the breaks of "Night Lite" show that this set has vibes running through it, injecting new levels of rhythm and bass in all the right places, hallelu-Jah.

DJ Kooki