· By Worship Recordings

#WorshipWednesday: Enlighten Me EP (Wor.35)

Happy New Year to all the followers and supporters of everything Worship! We are blessed to have your continued support going into 2016. To kick off the year۪s first Worship Wednesday, we take a look at Rob Paine۪s remix of the Rootz Underground track Enlighten Me۝. The track originally appeared on Rootz Underground Gravity LP, which was released back in 2010. The collaboration began circa 2000 when Rob and the band۪s guitarist, Charles Lazarus, met in Miami. Paine and Lazarus also worked together on projects including Worship۪s Ho۪s and Bro۪s EP۝ and The Selector۪s Choice Mix compilation. Since being from Jamaica, Charles invited Rob to play New Year۪s Eve from 2003-2005, solidifying their partnership even further and a continuity of production between Philly and Jamaica. On the Remix EP Rob was able to coalesce tech۪ed out minimal dub elements that wrap neatly around the hypnotic groove of Dub Reggae. This combination has left listeners scratching their heads wondering what genre to file this under. Please enjoy and Happy New Year!