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BREAK EVEN CREW interview Rob Paine : June 2002

ROB PAINE (WORSHIP RECORDINGS) INTERVIEWED BY VENTURIAN Rob Paine the man behind a great label (Worship Recordings). What gave you the idea in the first place to start your own label ? I had some music that needed its own home and with the confidence and financial help of one of my best friends from my youth - we started the label. and so it goes...... I see you have had a good regular night, going in your home town Philadelphia , what can you tell us about that? The best weekly that we have going on in philly is our friday night at a place called filo's. It is a solomonic sound production and we play roots and culture dancehall reggae, with nuff classics and foundation thrown in the dance it will be going on 3 years in January, 2003 and there is rarely a week where it isn t packed with the vibes strong, a dedicated crowd of all color and age come every week. We are proud of where we have brought this night through positive and uplifting word and sound. read the entire interview here!