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Lotus reviews WOR.CD.01

Worship Recordings

THIS ALCHEMIST TURNS DUB INTO PURE, GOLDEN HOUSE. Rob Paine starts Worship with some dub reggae and then moves to a more house flavor. A lot of the tracks are from Solomonic Sound. who've been known to take reggae and twist it into dubby, ethereal compositions. The CD also features remixes that are still available and considering this is all from one label, the quality of the music is out standing. Seamless mixing moves the reggae into smooth house with a slight funk whisper with Emotion Detector's 'Cuba Rico. Shades of Jam and Spoon's classic "Stella" reappear in Pete Moss s mix of "Night Life." A medium to downtempo mix
Worship is more for chilling than dancing. It's a lovely ride for the Sophisticated punster and anyone wanting to hear fresh electronic music that's creatively branching out.