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Studentz.co.nz interviews Rob Paine : May 2002

Worship۪s Rob Paine talks Rasta and Roots written by skrufff on 30 May 2002 Reared on a love of reggae and English derivative music, Rob Paine has nurtured and developed his own form of dub/house/disco to create a funky and surprisingly progressive original style. Nowadays championed by the likes of Chris Fortier, he۪s collaborated with respected producers including former Wamdue Kid Chris Udoh, San Francisco۪s Rocket (DJ Garth and Eric James), releasing tracks from them on Worship. 4 years after opening the label with musical partner Zach Eberz and Dan McGehean, he۪s just released a label compilation containing their first ten releases. Skrufff: What۪s the vibe behind Worship? Rob Paine: Our foundation is in early 80s reggae music and that۪s always been there no matter what other music we make or listen to. Both Zach and I played in bands previously and it۪s been a part of our background so when house music came in it, we merged the two. It۪s always been about the bass for us and hearing the bass in house music triggered old reggae idea for us... Read the whole interview here!